Home of the famous Tomb Raider Cocktail


The Red Piano is one of the most popular and well-known restaurants in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It is easy to find as it is conveniently located at the entrance of Pub Street.

Our restaurant offers a large selection of international and Khmer dishes at reasonable prices.

The interior is cozy and pleasant. Don’t forget to taste the special ‘Tomb Raider’ Cocktail!

The Tomb Raider Cocktail

Initiated in 2000 by Angelina Jolie, The ‘Tomb Raider‘ is a must!  Every 10th sold is FREE, every 500th sold wins you the cocktail, a T-Shirt and $100 in cash.

When you hear the siren, hope the RED ONE is yours!

We own the 80's

Do you love the music of the 80’s & 90’s, like we do?


We have it, every evening after dinner, upstairs from 10pm, and the new NEW HITS of course to keep you going!

This combined with some great ‘The Real Stuff‘ Cocktails, cold beers and nice wines, The Red Piano can be the party venue for your group!

Craving for some Belgian fair?

Beefstew, vol au vent, dame blanche, chocolate mousse with a Duvel beer or Chimay Blue?

Don’t look any further! The Red Piano offers a selection of Belgian specialities.


the red piano

  • +855 63 964 750
  • +855 92 477 730
  • info@redpianocambodia.com

we are open

  • every day
  • from 9:30 AM till 12:30AM